Telephone Scripts

CAHPS Hospice Survey Instruments posted below have been approved by OMB. To view or download a PDF version of the survey, click on the links below.

CAHPS Hospice Survey Telephone Scripts V9.0

Click here to view or download the English Telephone Script (Updated 12/07/2022)
Click here to view or download the Spanish Telephone Script (Updated 12/07/2022)
Click here to view or download the Russian Telephone Script (Updated 12/07/2022)

CAHPS Hospice Survey mail materials are available in English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Polish, and Korean. There are three response options for each mail survey (square, oval, and circle). The cover letters for the initial and follow-up mailing along with the OMB Paperwork Reduction Act Language are provided in each translation.

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