Information for Hospices

This section contains information and resources for the CAHPS Hospice Survey specifically for hospices.

This section contains links to the forms that hospices must use if they need to request a Participation Exemption due to Size, authorize a survey vendor to administer the CAHPS Hospice Survey on its behalf, obtain data warehouse access, and register for CAHPS Hospice Survey training (in mid-summer).

[View Participation Exemption for Size Form]

[View Survey Vendor Authorization Form]

[View Data Warehouse Access Form]

[View Training Registration Form]

Several podcasts are available to highlight important information for hospices about the CAHPS Hospice Survey.

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Frequently asked questions regarding participation, working with survey vendors, reviewing survey data, and additional guidance.

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Approved Survey Vendor List
Participating hospices must contract directly with a CMS-approved CAHPS Hospice Survey Vendor to administer the survey on behalf of the hospice. These organizations have met the CAHPS Hospice Survey requirements to be approved to administer the CAHPS Hospice Survey.

[View the Approved Vendor List]

Selecting and Authorizing a Survey Vendor
This podcast includes information regarding how to select the best survey vendor for your hospice, and how to fill out the CAHPS Hospice Survey Vendor Authorization Form.

Data Hospices Must Provide to their Survey Vendor
This podcast includes an overview of the sampling process, eligibility for the CAHPS Hospice Survey, identification of the primary informal caregiver who will be contacted to complete the survey, and details about the data elements each hospice must provide to its survey vendor.

Changing Survey Vendors
This podcast includes details about how to change your survey vendor and how to submit the CAHPS Hospice Survey Authorization Form for Changing Survey Vendors.