The CAHPS Hospice Survey: Podcasts for Hospices are specifically targeted for hospice staff in order to provide important information about key items related to the CAHPS Hospice Survey.

Overview of Requirements – This podcast reviews the basic requirements for compliance with national implementation of the CAHPS Hospice Survey, including how your APU may be affected, whether your hospice needs to participate, and what steps your hospice must pursue if it does not qualify for an exemption.

Selecting and Authorizing a Survey Vendor – This podcast includes information regarding how to select the best survey vendor for your hospice, and how to fill out the CAHPS Hospice Survey Vendor Authorization Form.

Data Hospices Must Provide to their Survey Vendor – This podcast includes an overview of the sampling process, eligibility for the CAHPS Hospice Survey, identification of the primary informal caregiver who will be contacted to complete the survey, and details about the data elements each hospice must provide to its survey vendor.

The Data Collection Process – This podcast provides an overview of the different modes of data collection (i.e., Mail Only, Telephone Only or Mixed Mode), the languages in which the survey may be conducted, the schedule for data collection and data submission, and guidelines for which survey data your survey vendor may provide to your hospice.

Data Submission – This podcast provides details about the reports available in the CAHPS Hospice Survey Data Warehouse, along with instructions for accessing the Data Warehouse.

Communication about the CAHPS Hospice Survey and Other Quality Efforts – This podcast reviews the guidelines for communicating with patients and caregivers about the CAHPS Hospice Survey, along with guidelines for conducting other patient or caregiver surveys.

Changing Survey Vendors This podcast includes details about how to change your survey vendor and how to submit the CAHPS Hospice Survey Authorization Form for Changing Survey Vendors.

Participation Exemption for Newness and Participation Exemption for Size – This podcast reviews the requirements for hospices that are eligible for the Participation Exemption for Newness and the Participation Exemption for Size.

Adjustments to Survey Data for Public Reporting –This podcast provides information about the case-mix and mode adjustments for public reporting.

Public Reporting of CAHPS Hospice Survey Scores - This podcast discusses public reporting of CAHPS Hospice Survey Scores, including an overview of the process, how to interpret your scores and how to request CMS review of your scores.

If your organization has ideas or suggestions for additional podcasts that may be helpful, please contact the CAHPS Hospice Survey Project Team at hospicecahpssurvey@hsag.com or 1-844-472-4621.

This page was last modified on 10/19/2021